Necc Egg Rates

 Necc stands for national egg coordination committee. B.V Rao was the founder of national egg coordination committee (Necc) and awarded padmashri in 1990 was an Indian agriculturalist and poultry farmer and considered as father of poultry farming in India. His efforts for poultry farming are incredible.  He came up with the moto “MY EGG, MY PRICE, MY LIFE” Necc has played a significant role in poultry industry in general, and the egg industry in particularNecc started declaring egg prices thereafter. Necc is the world’s largest association of poultry farmers with membership of more than 35,000-layer farmers and plays significant role for betterment of egg industry in India, farmers have right to determine their own prices. The district farmers association and national egg coordination committee to fix egg rates on a day to day basis based on demand and supply.

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