A Trader is a person whose role is to buy chicken from the broiler farmer and sell them to retailers /chicken centers. Poultry App shows nearest broiler farms to the trader within the selected radius according to trader sorting options. Farmers prices are shown in the traders account with live tracking of vans and smart routing of the vans help the trader trade easily by using poultry app. Manage and monitor your entire business from a single app where trader can view his complete business status like purchases, payments, sales and expenses etc…, Can buy from the  farmer and sell online to the chicken center saveyour precious time without book keeping and manual orders can be created and accepted by a trader to a chicken center. Stay informed about trading. Poultry app ensures better profitability also leading to improved trading business. With all these features you can manage your business easily  User can view the nearest traders and he can automatically book the order. Where in manual order trader will create the order if the user calls and books the order. Nearby traders can be seen to the chicken shop. According to the price range given by each trader they can order the stock. 

  • Trading to nearest chicken shops

    Nearby traders can be seen to the chicken shop. According to the price range given by each trader they can order the stock.

  • Automated Ordering System

    The Automated Ordering System will save your time. Trader can select a farmer and place an order. Poultry App will notify trader about the farmers acceptance.

  • Automized profit/loss calculation analysis

    Poultry App helps with all the detailed information on expenditures and calculate automated loss and profit which helps the trader to have an overview on his business.

  • Automatic sharing of Lifting/sales document (created by farmer) to the chicken shops

    Poultry app provides sharing of lifting documents with the trader, van driver, chicken shops and to the farmer with digital signature option where documents can be shared and downloaded at any time.

  • Easy marketing

    Easy marketing is one of the best benefits of this app. Since it’s a network of poultry business, you will get impressions from your potential customers frequently which will help you to grow as a trader.




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