Independent supplier (Delivery vehicle)

An independent supplier is also called a direct supplier where he invests his own capital. He goes to each and every wholesaler, retailer, and the farmer gets the business with the help of the poultry app. Independent suppliers can link up with a wholesaler and he needs to supply eggs only to the ones who booked with the wholesaler. If the supplier creates an extra sale, it will be notified to the wholesaler. The supplier will have assigned vehicles where they go to the retailers and deliver them within the estimated time. He can supply eggs to the shops he wants to and he can fix the price with his own margin. Independent suppliers can purchase the stock directly from the farmer.  He can check all the transactions that are done at the end of the day/ whenever required. 

  • Advertise to the Retail shops

    Independent supplier has an option called broadcasting where he can switch the advertising option to sell the customers. He can customize his selling price based on his options.

  • Smart multi delivery

    Easy navigation helps the independent suppliers to reach the destination in time. Customers can check the live status of the stock.

  • Automized profit/loss calculation analysis

    Profit/Loss can be calculated easily. Independent suppliers can edit the vehicle, labor and other expenses to check if it is a profit or loss.

  • Estimated delivery time

    The estimated delivery time of the van is shown to the retail shops.

  • Create sale or update an existing sale

    The retailer can create orders automatically once he is linked up with customers. If the retailer requires extra orders, he can order in the update the exciting sale. The retailer can customize the option of stock if it is delivered or if it is canceled.




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