Layer Farmer Supervisor

An individual farmer supervisor can use the application when the farmer accepts his request and can manage the farmers’ farms in his account. The farmer supervisor can edit and monitor all expenses, ordersinventories, vaccination, and Eggs stock. The supervisor can also update the stock of the feed and how much quantity fed to the birds each day can be monitored with the help of FCR calculation which we will provide in our application, can also enter the number of mortalities per day and can have a track on routine vaccination programs to be conducted. The farmer supervisor needs to check with the farmer and the doctor whenever he visits the farms. The supervisor can assign the works to the employees on the farm. He can maintain all the ledgers of farms in one application. 


  • Add up to five farmers

    The supervisor can add up to five farms in his accounts. Once the farmer adds the farms the supervisor can edit his accounts and inventories.

  • Managing farms and inventories

    The supervisor can manage only farmers who accepted the request. A supervisor can help the farmers by managing the farmers' farms and inventories.




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