Trader-Delivery Vehicle

The trader can book order and deliver it to the chicken shops through a delivery van. Poultry App provides a role to a delivery van, which will help traders and chicken shops to track the vanA delivery van driver can update delivery status and can check pendingupcoming deliveries. Trader and the user can track the vehicle’s location. Driver and trader can check the pending deliveries. According to the van’s capacity, a trader can assign the vehicle for the required stock.

  • Notifying a chicken shop about the delivery time

    Delivery can be notified to both trader and the retailer, User gets notified before 15minutes of the delivery.

  • Smart routing

    For easy navigation purpose, smart routing option is given in our application to choose the multiple addresses in a smart way.

  • Easy navigation to the farm.

    Easy navigation helps a trader vehicle to reach the farm in the expected time.

  • Sharing lifted document

    Trader/delivery vehicle will receive a pdf of the lifted document while delivery which can be downloaded.

  • Can create sale or update an existing sale.

    Trader can create a sale if the retailer calls and book the order and he can update an existing sale if the retailer asks for an additional amount of stock.




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