Broiler Farmer

Broiler poultry farming is profitable and gives high-income returns throughout the year, If well maintained and managed. The average weight of a broiler grown in a commercial way in 40-45 days / 5-6 weeks of a period weighs up to 2.Kgs – 2.kgs approximately and the profit of the product depends upon the bird’s weight. Chicks are more difficult to raise, Requires extensive management. They grow rapidly and cannot handle most outdoor environments because they can’t regulate temperature as adult chickens do. They are most vulnerable to diseases. Our App alerts help you in monitoring the brooding of chicks and their health management. Vaccines are widely used to control and prevention of diseases. A routine vaccination program must be conducted which we will notify/remind you through our App. Poultry app tracks all your stocks and inventories. Assists you in managing your farm from day one to the day birds are ready for the sale. To make the whole broiler farming experience much better and digitalized download our App.  

We are committed for the ease of your poultry business and success”. 

  • Inventories

    Digital inventory option is available in our app where you can manage five inventories or batches at a time. You can update and edit your inventories whenever needed.

  • Weather forecast

    Weather updates are shown for next one week and can suggest you of precautionary steps before its effects, it can save you from potential loss.

  • Profit / loss forecast

    Poultry App helps with all the detailed information on expenditures, bookkeeping, mortalities of the birds and calculates automated loss and profit which helps the farmer to have an overview of his business.

  • Accounting

    Accounting made easy without bookkeeping and saves your precious time and helps you by tracking and managing your expenses and provides you with digital copies and has downloading options.

  • Feed formulation

    This option gives the famer a complete overview of feed price calculation and feed consumed per day.

  • F.C.R and production cost calculations

    FCR plays a major key to success in poultry farming business App provides accurate FCR calculations and tracks all your expenses and stocks.

  • Advertising and marketing to traders nearby

    Poultry App provides daily chicken prices all over India. Easy marketing is one of the best benefits of this app. Since it’s a network of poultry businesses, you will get impressions from your potential customers frequently which will help you to grow as a farmer.

  • Easy birds’ sales entry

    Marketing to the traders nearby creating an easy gateway to the farmers for sale to the chicken centres without market intermediaries by obtaining digital orders from the chicken centres. Digital copy regarding the bird’s sale can be seen by both farmer and the trader and can be downloaded.




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