Retail shop

Retailers can check the market prices and compare the wholesaler prices and order the stock accordingly. If the retailer likes the product of the wholesaler he can link up with the wholesaler and order frequently, he can also compare the prices of the wholesalers. Once the retailer places the order wholesaler needs to accept within a certain time if not the order gets canceled and the retailer can place an order with a different wholesaler. The retailer can order the stock from the wholesaler and the independent supplier.  He can add the temporary wholesalers in his account and book order by call and create the sale in his account. The retailer can track the vehicle once he books the order and he will receive notifications too. 


  • Wholesalers and independent suppliers nearby

    A retailer can check the independent supplier and wholesalers within their radius and book the order to get the stock in time.

  • Notified about the estimated delivery time

    Retailer can track the vehicle with a registered number, he can also call the driver, retailer will be notified about the delivery time.

  • Automized profit/loss calculation analysis

    The retailer can check the price he sold the stock in the market and purchased from the wholesaler or the individual supplier and can edit the expenses of the vehicle with labour charges also. Once the entries are made, he can view whether it is a profit or loss.

  • Track the wholesaler’s delivery vehicle

    The retailer can track the vehicle which is assigned to his delivery. A retailer can track the live location of the vehicle and can check the details of the vehicle or can call the vehicle driver or the wholesaler if the delivery is delayed or if it is pending.

  • Book an order from list of wholesalers

    The retailer can check the wholesalers nearby and the prices they posted according to the daily market price. The retailer can book order from the list shown in the application or he can book order from the temporary wholesaler list.

  • Create sale

    The address of the wholesaler can be seen. The retail suppliers can change the radius accordingly and check the wholesalers nearby. He can check the quality of the product and order accordingly.




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