Mortality and bird disposal


Disposal of dead birds is very important, as it affects the healthy birds in the house. The vet doctor should visit the farm and check if there is any virus. The disease might spread through insects, mice, rats, free-flying birds, beetles, cats, and dogs.

The disposal of birds varies from one area to another and it relies upon the resource available and local conditions. Here are few methods of disposing of the dead birds.

Disposal of birds:

A disposal pit is less advisable but accepted for the dead birds and it is also acceptably designed and tightly covered.

With the help of a disposal pit, it saves time and labor, and also it is unnecessary to dig a hole or start a fire.

Dogs and rodents cannot dig up the disposal pits.

The disposal pit will not have noticeable odors when it is tightly covered.

No need for fire hazards.

A single pit can be used year-round.

Without using any chemical’s birds can be decomposed.

The pit should be 6ft (1.83) in diameter and 6ft deep (1.83) where it has the capacity of 10,000 broiler units. We should get approval or permission from the local government or agricultural agency.


When there is poor soil drainage or the danger of contaminating the water supply, an incinerator is the best means of disposal.

When you purchase or build an incinerator the following precautions or steps to be taken.

The capacity should be large enough, so that in the future if any expansion is required it can be taken care of.

An incinerator design should be cost-effective.

Fire bricks should be solid and long-lasting.

With the help of automatic controls, fuel cost is saved.

Wind from the incinerator should not blow over the poultry house or local residents and dead birds should be burnt to white ash.


Composting is management intensive and it requires equipment, attention, and time.

Composting is currently known as an environmental and valuable fertilizer product.

There is one more disadvantage in composting transportation costs are associated with the final product.