Smart techniques for better Poultry Farming and Management ​

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To achieve more in your routine poultry farming, one should practice the following tips for smooth and profitable poultry farming and management. 

Selection of place and construction of poultry farm:

  • Farms should be constructed away from the city without hasty busty noises and pollution. Place or land should be chosen wisely where adequately ventilated, well air circulation in the farm and place should be accessible to road and transportation. 
  • While constructing the farm’s shelter should be in an east-west facing to avoid excess sunlight. 
  • Adequate space required to avoid overcrowding should make sure 2sq.ft of space must be maintained for each bird
  • Free-range farming requires more space compared to the intensive farming system. 
  • Opting for own land for the construction of a poultry farm is ideal whereas risk is less compared to the rented land. 
  • There should be clean and continuous water supply in the land chosen for constructing farms. 

Choosing healthy chicks and breed

  • Selection of chick and breed plays a key role in your profits
  • Choose breeds that have good production capability and also which are strong and immune. 
  • Should be aware of choosing breeds suitable and adaptable to your climate. 
  • You can rely on leading hatcheries for buying chicks.  
  • Our App provides chick suppliers from leading hatching companies. 

Hygiene surroundings:

  • There should be at least 40 feet distance maintained between the individual shelters to give proper ventilation and to avoid ammonia and carbon dioxide accumulation. 
  • One should have knowledge of keeping farm premises and surroundings clean and sanitized, first most there should be 10-15 days of ideal gap maintained from one batch to the other to sterilize the place and equipment used for farms. 
  • Farmers, veterinary doctors’ workers, and visitors on the farm should first visit the young ones than older and last diseased and week ones to avoid disease spread and contamination. 
  • Dead and weak birds must be checked regularly and removed to prevent infection spread.  
  • Cleaning the house, feed equipment, and drinkers on a regular basis.

Feed and Water

  • Healthy feed as per the age of the bird is the key to successful production and healthy poultry. The quality of egg and chicken produced depends upon the quality of feed fed.
  •  Good quality and balanced feed (based upon their proteins and nutritional requirements) should be provided according to their age. 
  • Modern feeds for poultry consist largely of grains cereals, oilseeds protein supplements, and vitamin supplements. Maize and soya bean plays a major role in the production as 60-70% of feed constitutes of corn and soya protein. 
  • Depending upon the weight and age of the flock the quantity of feed and nutritional requirements should be chosen. 
  • The feed is readily available to buy from leading feed manufacturers or can be prepared by placing a plant on the farm with necessary ingredients. 
  • The feed given for layers and broilers is different to meet their unique dietary requirements. 
  • Layer feed is designed to meet the needs of egg production and rich in calcium and protein, contains very less fat as they should not gain weight, a balanced diet is provided as per the nutrition required and to safeguard health, and should maintain the desired body weight. 
  • Broiler feed requires more energy and protein in their feeds as they are very fast-growing birds. 
  • A broiler chicken for proper growth requires vitamin-rich supplements, also their diet includes protein-rich food and enough fat which encourages fast growth gives tender and healthy chicken.  
  • Clean water should be provided regularly, pipelines should be sanitized in regular time intervals. 
  • The feed must remain clean and dry. Contaminated feed can infect poultry. Damp feed encourages fungal growth. 
  • The feed room should be well maintained without rodents like rats and snakes etc., to avoid contamination.  

Poultry disease prevention and health management:

  • Vaccination plays a vital role in the health management of the flock. Vaccines are used to control and prevent poultry diseases.
  • Parasite control: To prevent parasites birds should be inspected regularly for external parasites and spraying formalin around the shed. 
  • Identifying and treating sick birds. Routinely notice your birds for any indications of sickness or issues inside the group. Eliminate sick chickens and other poultry from the primary rush and acquire a finding from a certified individual. You can give the right treatment once you recognize the infection or issue. Keep sick fowls isolated from the group until totally recovered. 
  • Separating multi-age flocks. While introducing younger birds into older birds, there is an increased risk of transferring disease from older birds to younger birds. keep birds separate – have an all-in and all-out system for every age group to permit for an entire clean and disinfection of facilities and equipment between batches. 
  • Dead and weak birds must be checked regularly and removed to prevent infection spread.   

By following the above techniques one can have an idea of selecting a place and construction of a farmChoosing healthy chicks plays an important role in farming where we help by providing leading chick manufacturers in our appDisease prevention and selection of feed is a difficult task for the farmers where we provide complete guidance on disease prevention and feed formulation from day one to the end product.  

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