Feed supplier

To produce profitable and high-quality chicken and eggs the most important factors that affects your product quality is poultry feed. Select high-quality poultry feed manufacturers and suppliers from our poultry app. Find the list of recognized broiler and layer feed manufacturers and wholesale dealers. Choose different chicken feed for baby chicks and adult chicks to provide the best possible nutrition. Get poultry feeder price and contact details of feed manufacturers at the best price with product specifications. we register among the leading poultry feed manufacturers. Poultry App is a reliable digital partner for our esteemed poultry customers.  

  • Monitoring

    As a feed supplier, you can keep track of your profile where you can track your number of farmer visits in the last 7 days to your profile with the help of a graph that can showcase how your business is doing.

  • Visible by location

    The farmer can sort price and distance as per his requirement and place an order through the call as we provide contact information of feed supplier which is available in poultry app. You are visible to the farmers within a 300 km radius.




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