A wholesaler is a person who purchases table eggs from the layer farmers and sells them to the store owners and retailers who then sell eggs to the end-user. Wholesaler plays a key role in the distribution process between farmer and retailer. A wholesaler can sell his eggs to retailer shops directly using the poultry app. In our poultry app, we provide daily updated egg rates all over India. Poultry App helps with all the detailed information on expenditures, bookkeeping, easy order tracking. Poultry App helps a wholesaler to find the nearest farmers and can place an order. Stay up to date with pricing alerts upon his nearby city. Enhanced options in the app will do better in achieving your business goals. 

“One-stop destination for all wholesalers and retailers” 

  • Advertising & Broadcasting

    A wholesaler can advertise his available stock to the nearest suppliers and shops.

  • Add number of delivery vehicles to his account

    A wholesaler can add ‘n’ number of vehicles to manage his business wisely.

  • Stock management

    Track both purchases and sales which helps in stock management. After purchasing he can update and edit the stock left over. He can manage and edit updated stock. 

  • Track his delivery vehicles

    A wholesaler can track his vehicles from the time of order receiving to the delivery of the eggs.

  • Automized profit/loss calculation analysis

    Calculate automated loss and profit which helps the wholesaler to have an overview of his business. Manage and track your expenses.

  • List of Nearby farms

    Wholesalers can see the list of farms in the app where he can purchase eggs from farmers. 

  • Creating orders to Delivery vehicle

    A wholesaler can create an order and assign them to his delivery vehicles




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