Three common diseases in poultry farming

Poultry diseases

Infection, basic weakness, or environmental stress are the abnormal condition of the birds. The disease can be defined as a specific symptom of illness.  

Few of the diseases can be categorized by common issues, such as mechanical toxic, genetic, and nutritional. 3 diseases that still threaten the poultry population are 

Avian Influenza: It is a respiratory disease for birds. Migratory waterfowl might be the natural reservoir or host for Avian Influenza. The disease can be classified into low pathogenic and high pathogenic it is segregated according to the illness of the birds. 


  • How the disease spread:  
  • Moving the bird’s place to place 
  • Contaminated poultry equipment 
  • Direct contact of bird to bird 
  • The unveiling of poultry to wild waterfowl 

Nutritional diseases: Unhealthy environment will cause metabolic and nutritional diseases. Birds will have less egg production, soft bones, and beaks and they become lame. These diseases can be redeemed with proper care for the birds. 


Parasitic diseases: Parasitic diseases can cause by direct contact from bird to bird. Ticks, lice, fleas, and roundworms are few types of parasitic. The symptoms can be identified with irritation, feather damage. Monthly check of birds and clean enclosures help avoid parasitic poultry diseases.