Role & responsibility of a poultry farmer

Poultry farmer raises domestic birds such as chicken, turkey, geese, and ducks, these birds are raised for meat and eggs. Half of the poultry industry grows chicken and farmers typically raise a single type of bird.


The most common type of bird raised is chicken. Chicken are farmed for their eggs and meat. Farmers make sure that their coops are regularly cleaned to reduce the risk of spreading disease among chickens. Farmer should make sure that feed and water of the chicken are regularly changed. Farmer should walk through the coop regularly mainly for two reasons: chicken should be accustomed to humans and they should allow the farmer to check if they are injured or diseased.

Here are few regular duties of poultry farmer:

  • Facilities should be maintained in good working order
  • Proper ventilation
  • Flock monitoring to detect any illness or terminated
  • Administrating medication
  • Restocking enclosures with young birds
  • Keeping detailed records