Smart techniques for better Poultry Farming& Management

Smart techquics

Smart techniques for better Poultry Farming and Management ​ To achieve more in your routine poultry farming, one should practice the following tips for smooth and profitable poultry farming and management.  Selection of place and construction of poultry farm: Farms should be constructed away from the city without hasty busty noises and pollution. Place or land should be chosen wisely where adequately ventilated, […]

EGG rates in India 

Egg rates

EGG rates in India  Poultry Chicken and eggs play a prominent role in the Indian economy. Poultry farming is where we raise domestic birds for their meat and eggs. In poultry, chickens are farmed in exceptional numbers. Layers are the birds that are bred for the purpose of their eggs. Typically, there are two types of poultry farming in India, namely, backyard farming and […]

Broiler rates in India

Broiler rates

Broiler rates in India The broiler chicken industry grew up to 158% from 1985-2005. It has produced 71,851,000 tons of meat. The primary sector produces a parent stock of about a 417million every year worldwide. The broiler expected compound CAGR (compound annual growth rate) will be 12% between 2018- 2022.  In India, the production has […]