Poultry farming In India has been running on traditional ways and practices in most states for an extended period. We rely on these usual routine practices as no alternative at the times and, they have proven practical results in the rearing

 Smart poultry farming/ Automation in Poultry farms benefits poultry farmers in many ways. There are many challenges we are facing in our daily routine with traditional poultry farming.

Considering a few factors which need preciseness in the farm environment creates innovative ideas and hope for going digital. Investing in digital equipment will give you an added advantage over time. 

Our Farm automate is a Smart poultry farming device which gives control over farms inside environment, thereby leads to increase in efficiency of bird growth and automates the farms with improved managerial practices within the farms.  

In recent years, due to the commercialization of poultry the high stocking density in the commercial poultry farm may lead to reduction in the air quality and high concentration of gases such as ammonia, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide thus affects the performance of the flock.

However, it is not easy to measure the extent of such adverse effects, to enhance efficient bird growth and success of farmers one must use best practices and technological advances in poultry farming to be successful and achieve profits.        

Now It is time to explore the new possibilities we have in the digital world with all the digitalization going around. We at poultry app are thriving to give our poultry farmers and the community opening gateway to the world of digitalisation

Automated smart mechanism:  

Our Farm automate device helps a poultry farmer in automizing/control the farms. Farmer can manually or automatically switch on/off the farm’s lights, fans, foggers, and sprinklers wherever you are and can be controlled through a mobile application.  

Farm automate helps poultry farmers and farms to be more efficient and automate the poultry throughout every stage of the poultry farming process.  

By adding smart sensors and controls to our farm automate device helps in achieving the increase of efficiency, reliability & precision.  

The farm automate device helps in operating of fans, lights, foggers and sprinklers reduces the need for human intervention 

Temperature, Humidity:

Increased temperatures can have damaging effects on poultry performance by causing impaired growth, decrease in egg production, increased mortality rate due to decreased immunity and heat stroke, and reproductive failure thus resulting in heavy economic losses on poultry production. 

Humidity and temperature affect the accumulation of harmful gases in the farms. 

“It is not just heat alone that kills chickens it’s the combination of heat and humidity” 

Through our device farms temperature, humidity and airflow can be monitored and controlled, farmers can take necessary actions.  

Weather conditions

Airflow, gases:

Air Quality is evaluated based on air volume, ammonia, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and relative humidity. Decrease in the quality of air decreases the efficiency of respiration in the birds resulting in diminished performance. 

Continuous exposure to poor air quality can include chronic respiratory diseases. Exhaust fans and ceiling fans in the farms can be used to fade away the harmful gases and increase the airflow. concentration levels of ammonia in the poultry house have harmful effects on the health and performance of birds. 

carbon dioxide<0.3%
Carbon monoxide<10 ppm
Ammonia<10 ppm
Relatiive Humidity45 – 65 %

We understand that Ammonia (NH3), Oxygen(O2), Carbon monoxide(co), Carbon dioxide (co2) will affect the bird growth, so it’s very crucial for the poultry farmers to monitor them. These gases are measured through our device and data will be displayed in the app.  

Alarms with SMS:

Alarms for heat index and gases can be set to target value in the app for different thresholds. Triggered alarms can be notified by forecast push notifications and SMS to the farmers.  

Machine learning algorithms:

Our machine learning algorithms will automize the farm’s applications like fans, lights, sprinklers and foggers based on the bird’s age and atmosphere of the farm.  

Data visualization:

Every 5min. Temperatures, gas levels, humidity, and airflow in the Farms are measured/detected through our sensors and sent to farmers, sent data is visualized in the farmer’s mobile application.  

Smart techquics

Farm automate device Benefits: -  

  • Efficient and safe to operate
  • Operations can be performed 24/7  
  • No interruption of work  
  • Farmers can operate from wherever they are through their mobile phones  
  • Less maintenance is needed 
  • Farm automate can work tirelessly and autonomously without requiring staff to manually trigger to start the farm process 
  • Using farm automate in poultry farms helps in achieving future challenges to the poultry farmers by reducing the need of human intervention 
  • Poultry owners must continuously seek advantages in technology and proper farm management to improve their farms to remove various odds and be successful.  

We recommend farmers to fix our FARM AUTOMATE DEVICE in the farms together with our poultry app application and be the part of new era of digitalisation and be successful and survive in this competitive world. 

 Now, it is time to explore the new possibilities we have in the digital world with all the digitalization going around. We at poultry app are thriving to give our poultry farmers and the whole poultry community an opening gateway to the world of digitalization.