poultry farming
India is the fifth largest producer of eggs and the 12th largest producer of broiler; the production has been increasing 8- 10 percent every annum. As a result, there is growth in per capita income.

Backyard activity to major commercial business:

Within four decades the growth of the poultry industry has been grown from backyard to commercial activity. They evolved in investing the size of breeding, rearing, processing, and hatching. Poultry birds grow faster, with perfect feed conversion, and high profits to the growers.

Production of broilers and eggs:

Poultry sector end products are broiler meat and table eggs. Production of table eggs was forecasted at 37 billion and broilers up to 895 million.

Growth in the scale of operation:

Broiler meat and poultry eggs are major productions in the poultry sector. Early years production of broiler farms was up to 200- 500 chicks per cycle.

Tremendous global demand:

poultry provides nutritious and fresh food; it also has huge demand globally. Hence global consumers prefer poultry products for freshness and nutrients.