Three common diseases in poultry farming

Poultry diseases

Three common diseases in poultry farming Infection, basic weakness, or environmental stress are the abnormal condition of the birds. The disease can be defined as a specific symptom of illness.   Few of the diseases can be categorized by common issues, such as mechanical toxic, genetic, and nutritional. 3 diseases that still threaten the poultry population are  […]

Market size of the poultry industry in India

Poultry chicken graph

Market size of the poultry industry in India The poultry market consists of both broilers and layers. The forecast is that the reach of the market by 2024 would be INR 4,340 cr.  In India, over the past two decades, the poultry industry has taken a major swift, from backyard pursuit to huge industries. The […]

Role& responsibility of the poultry farmer

Role & responsibility of a poultry farmer Poultry farmer raises domestic birds such as chicken, turkey, geese, and ducks, these birds are raised for meat and eggs. Half of the poultry industry grows chicken and farmers typically raise a single type of bird.   The most common type of bird raised is chicken. Chicken are […]

How does FARM AUTOMATE DEVICE helps a poultry farmer?

HOW DOES FARM AUTOMATE DEVICE HELPS THE POULTRY FARMER? Poultry farming In India has been running on traditional ways and practices in most states for an extended period. We rely on these usual routine practices as no alternative at the times and, they have proven practical results in the rearing.   Smart poultry farming/ Automation in Poultry farms benefits poultry farmers in many ways. There […]

Feed Formulation

Feed for chicken

Feed Formulation is a process of measuring the amounts of feed ingredients that require to be combined to make one uniform mixture (diet) for poultry that supplies all of their nutrient requirements. Since feed represents 65-75% of absolute live creation costs for a few kinds of poultry all over the world, a simple mistake in diet formulation is often extremely expensive […]

Poultry Farming

Poultry farming techniques

Poultry Farming is one of the animal husbandries involved in raising domesticated birds solely for their meat and eggs. Chicken are few domesticated birds that are chosen widely for poultry farming. Among these, mostly chickens are used for large and commercial farming for their meat and eggs, while they produce the maximum amount of protein sources for us. The vital reasons to […]