Mortality and bird disposal


Mortality and bird disposal Disposal of dead birds is very important, as it affects the healthy birds in the house. The vet doctor should visit the farm and check if there is any virus. The disease might spread through insects, mice, rats, free-flying birds, beetles, cats, and dogs. The disposal of birds varies from one […]

Poultry and the climatic conditions


Poultry and the climatic conditions Poultry chicken requires proper management, feed, nutrition, hygiene, housing, and management to reach their potential growth. Providing a perfect environment is difficult in the climatic conditions that are extreme. But by taking few productive measures we can limit the climate extremes. Hot climate:    Once the temperatures rise the consumption […]

Poultry brooding management


Poultry brooding management In the brooding system first 14 days play a key role in chicks’ life, which sets the foundation for chicks’ performance. An extra effort in the phase of brooding can affect the final performance of the flock. At seven days of age if the chick grows 1gram of weight there will be […]

Poultry flea’s infestation and management

Flea infestation

Poultry flea’s infestation and management Poultry fleas are known as sticky tight fleas or stick- fast and they are scientifically known as Echidnophaga gallinacean. It is a very common flea in chicken and other birds and mammals. Chicken may progress with clusters and dark-colored fleas that stick around the eye, bare spots, comb, and wattles. […]

Poultry house design

House design

Poultry house design A poultry house should provide less stress to the birds to achieve uniformity, gain weight and feed efficiency. There are three major climates in the whole world, these are certainly considered while designing a poultry house. Hot and humid Hot and dry In India, weather conditions are slightly different as we have […]

Litter management in poultry farming

Litter management

Litter management in poultry farming   Litter management is fundamental for health of the bird, it is also crucial aspect in poultry farming.  In litter management bird health, performance and final carcass quality influence the profit of farmers and integrators. Litter should be applied evenly in the farm with a depth of 4 inches   […]

Poultry farming and its drinking system

Broiler rates

Poultry farming and its drinking system Chickens consume water twice the level of feed so maintaining the quality of water is important. There are many factors that can affect the quality of water high magnesium, high nutrients and high sodium, etc, … During the periods of high and low rainfall water should be tested. Chicken […]

How to start a poultry business

poultry business

How to start a poultry business Poultry farming is one of the fastest-growing Agri businesses. Approximately there are 3 million farmers and 15 million Agri farmers who are already working in the poultry industry. If you are willing to start a successful poultry business; here we are sharing a guide to start the poultry business […]

Poultry farming in India

poultry farming

India is the fifth largest producer of eggs and the 12th largest producer of broiler; the production has been increasing 8- 10 percent every annum. As a result, there is growth in per capita income. Backyard activity to major commercial business: Within four decades the growth of the poultry industry has been grown from backyard […]

Best poultry farming app

Best poultry farming app The Digital era with new inventions and technology have greatly helping poultry farmers. Usage of smartphones is increasing and a lot of complicated tasks can be completed. Mobile Applications that provide market rates of chicken and eggs, managing of egg sales and production. Several Android apps are developed for the use […]